Stonestown Galleria

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Food & Drink. 3251 20th Ave San Francisco, CA 94132, San Francisco. (415) 564-8848. Visit website

I haven't been to a proper Mall in a longtime. I would say this about the Stonestown Galleria it is interesting & it is hip. It is easily accessible & a mere 300 feet from where the M MUNI line drops you off.

Well I think it is quite alright that it has a Trader Joe's & also a Target along w/ a Chipotle to fuel up on a veggie burrito.

Inside the Galleria there are two floors. There you will find an Apple Store, LUSH which has many vegan soaps & cosmetics. There is also CREAM- Cookies Rule Everything Around Me that has vegan ice cream sandwiches.

Stonestown Galleria Stonestown Galleria Stonestown Galleria
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