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Foie gras biscuit is TO DIE FOR & worth every penny of the $34ish... the foie gras melts in your mouth & the maple sausage gravy paired well with the biscuit. Id share this dish with 2-3 people but no more than that!!

Chicken liver toast ($6) - so amazing. Its a combo btwn sweet and savory. The chicken liver pate was generously spread and super indulgent. The toast was perfectly toasty. 1 is 1/2 a piece. My friend insisted on ordering her own and I understand why now.

Hamachi Tostada - a good palette cleanser dish between the 2 above. The taste was more southeast asian/Vietnamese with the fish sauce. The dish was several layers - tostada smeared with avo, hamachi, cabbage and crispy fried onions/jalepenos to top off.

Chiliquiles - safe dish. Nothing special but it wasnt bad. An all around wholesome order of tortilla chips dressed in a tomato-like sauce with pillowy eggs.

Overall, a great experience!!

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