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Food & Drink. 624 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036, Los Angeles, CA. (310) 362-6115. Visit website

This place is awesome! Easily one of the best atmospheres brilliantly combining LA and France - all with ample seating and excellent service. No question one of my favorite spots in town now. They opened in December 2013, I moved from LA the year prior. Had things worked out differently and they opened up sooner, I may never have left. I guess I just need to move back now.

Difficult to say anything that hasn't already been said. I've been lucky thus far as I've never had to wait longer than 5-10 minutes to order. Then again I've only been here late morning/early afternoon on weekdays. For dinner I can imagine it being quite difficult to get in without a reservation. I don't think you can go wrong with anything on their menu, everything sounds and looks fantastic. Thus far I've had their Mushroom Toast, Grilled Chicken Salad, French Onion Soup, Short Rib Sandwich, Hazelnut Cream Puff and Carrot Cake Loaf. All of which were great, especially the toast, sandwich, soup, and that amazing cream puff.

I can't wait to return.

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