The Mar Vista

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Food & Drink. 12249 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90066, Los Angeles, CA. (310) 751-6773. Visit website

For the longest time I had been meaning to try The Mar Vista based on the good things I had heard about it. I recently went and agree with everything I had heard. Good service, excellent food, and a relaxing atmosphere. Everything served is based on the available local fare. Everything we tried was delicious:
- Glazed shrimp
- Pork hot bowl
- Shrimp and muscle paella
- Bread
- Lemonaise salad

Can't wait to come back and explore their menu more. They also have a place across the street for quick to go food (MV grab and go). I can't wait to try this out.

A plus, they have a dog friendly patio out front!

The Mar Vista The Mar Vista
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