13 North Grille

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Food & Drink. 1301 E Northern Ave Phoenix, AZ 85020, Phoenix. (602) 795-1397. Visit website

Thirteenorth Grille is a locally owned restaurant sure to satisfy a wide variety of palates. They’re open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, and have a full bar which includes an enviable selection of fine wines and craft beers. The menu boasts a range of culinary delights including: starters like fish tacos, house-made chips and crab dip or jalapeno cheese dip, and seared ahi tuna; fresh, house-made soups and salads; sandwiches, burgers and wraps; and, entrées like pan-seared walleye pike, Ribeye Steak, and chicken Marsala. Thirteenorth uses only quality ingredients, preparing items from scratch and surprising diners with delectable daily specials. So, find your way over to the Southeast corner of Thirteenth St. and Northern Ave. for some great food and drink.

13 North Grille 13 North Grille 13 North Grille

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