Japan Center

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Shopping & Entertainment . 1581 Webster St San Francisco, CA 94115, San Francisco. (415) 440-1171. Visit website

SOOOO cool. I grew up in the Bay Area, and
prefer to avoid the usual SF touristy spots;
(Chinatown/Pier 39 etc)

This place has a far more "local" feeling, way less touristy, yet perfect FOR tourists if that makes any sense; I took my boyfriend here for his first time this weekend and he said it felt like a free trip to Japan.

Great place to spend a few hours!!

Fantastic two level Japanese specialty bookstore, food choices galore, Mochi ice cream shop, bubble tea, high end Japanese decor shop, Japanese stationary shops, dvd store and more!!

I really enjoyed the incense/perfume shop; can't recall the name.

Great place for kids. Several restaurant choices and a parking garage.

Japan Center Japan Center

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