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Food & Drink. 2221 Clement St San Francisco, CA 94121, San Francisco. (415) 346-3030.

Nobuyuki serves two things and two things only: a la carte sushi/nigiri, and their "omakase" set meal, which feels a bit more like a kaiseki multicourse meal rather than where you get multiple courses of nigiri. They pride themselves on the strength of their omakase, and it shows. Every entree, from the sashimi to the soup to chirashi to the dessert, was meticulously made and presented. The way the meal is ordered (starting with crisp refreshing sashimi, building up with warm soup and cooked foods, ultimately ending with a delectable chirashi bowl and finally a light dessert) is like a crescendo and decrescendo for the palate. For $65, this is an excellently priced quality meal that likely could be priced higher. And no two omakases will ever be the same: the staff review their options to select for the best ingredients daily, and while themes may be similar, the food changes on a nightly basis.

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